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CR-900 stainless steel  fish meat processing machi

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Product Name: CR-900 stainless steel fish meat processing machi
Supply Ability: 30 sets
Specifications 1050*850*1100mm
Price Term: FOB, CIF
Port of loading: Guangzhou/ Shenzhen
Minimum Order 1
Unit Price:
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Name: CR-900 stainless steel fish meat processing machine
Type: CR-900
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 380V
Output: 900kg/ h
Weight: 400kg
Specification: 1050*850*1100mm

Features: Mainly used to extract the flesh of fish from fishskin and fishbone. High productivity but less time and energy. The food touching places are adopted high-quality 304 stainless steel, meeting the requirements of national food hygienic standards.
Working principle:
1. Get rid of fish head and tripe. Big fish, split in half.
2. Put into the water to rinse, avoiding the separated flesh fish being polluted by fish impurities.
3. Put slices of fish meat into the hopper (The division face towards adopting tube, the backside pressed close to rubber belt.).
Fish moves with the rubber belt and goes into crush zone between adopting tube and rubber belt. The fish meat will be squeezed into adopting tube through its small holes. Then the fish particles will be sent out automatically as adopting tube rotates. Fishskin, fishbone and other impurities will be scraped in the collecting tank by scraper from the outside of the adopting tube. During the whole separation process, it is no need to ask people to operate, which makes it convenient and hygeian. The degree of pressure between the rubber belt and the adopting tube is regulated by a slack adjuster of rubber belt located in the head of the machine. The adjustment range can be changed flexibly according to the size of fish. The extracted fish meat can serves as the raw materials for fish ball, fish paste, fish sauce, fish pie, fish dumpling stuffing, etc., improving fish economic value.




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